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Batesville Sign Ordinance
(revised 2011)
Things to Remember!! 
 Remember to bring all plans with you, especially your "Site Plan"
 Residential review - 3 days.
 Commercial review - 5 days.
 We do use a City specified Engineer on all commercial, industrial & developement plans.
 Our local SIGN ordinace is very strict & detailed so be sure to contact our office for verification of your sign.
Building Department 
Tim Macyauski
Director of Operations
Building Commissioner

fax 933-6119

Office Hours 8am - 4pm

Code Enforcement Officer:
Bob Narwold


Building Secretary:
Michele Balser


Planning & Zoning Meetings
  First (1st) Thursday at 7 pm of each month in the Council Chambers

Tech Review Meetings
  Fourth (4th) Thursday at 9 am of each month in the Council Chambers


Permit Application & Inspection Fee Schedule
All permits & fees are due prior to construction!


Plan Review -- Up to 4 Lots

$200 + $40/lot

Plan Review --  5 to 20 Lots

$300 + $40/lot

Plan Review -- More than 20 Lots

$300 + $40/lot for first 20 lots, plus $20 for each lot over 20.

Technical Review Meetings (after two meetings)

$500 per additional meeting or review


Development Plan Review


Building Review (previously approved )


Technical Review Meetings (after two meetings)

$500 per additional meeting or review



1 & 2 Family New Residential Construction

$225 (plus $.10 each sq ft over 1,500 )

New Additions (up to 960 sq. ft.)


New Additions (over 960 sq. ft.)

Same Fee as 1 & 2 Family New Residential

Remodeling (up to 500 sq. ft.)


Remodeling (over 500 sq. ft.)


Decks & Porches Over 30" Above the Ground


Swimming Pool (In ground)


Swimming Pool (Above ground)


Communications Facility


Electrical Service Upgrade


Commercial & Industrial

$500 (plus $.03 per sq. ft. -- $6,500 maximum fee)

Commercial Remodeling

$250 (plus $.02 per sq. ft.)

Temp & Accs Building      (Over 150 sq. ft.)


Apartments, Hotels, Motels

$75 per unit

Improvement Location Permit


Certificate of Occupancy


Temporary Use Permit


Right-of-Way Construction Permit


City to repair:  Street Cut Permit

$10 per square foot - minimum of $300.

Contractor to repair:   (must follow City Guidelines)

Contact Building Dept for specifications.

The City of Batesville is a member in good standing and is pledged to observe the high ethical standards of business practice set forth by the Indiana Builders Association.

Permit Applications! 
Bldg Permit Sign Permit Variance App Street Cut Permit Demolition Permit

Sign Permit Fees:

Temp Sign Permit
(10 days or less & only 4 a year)


Fixed Sign
(up to 32 sq. ft.)


Fixed Sign
(33 to 150 sq. ft.)


Fixed Sign
(151 to 300 sq. ft.)




Utility Permit Fees:

Sewer fees are paid with the building permit. 

 Water fees are paid at the W & G Department

Sewer Tap in fee


Sewer Impact fee (res)


Sewer Impact fee (com)

Contact Bldg Dept.

Lateral Inspection fee


Water Tap in fee


Water Tap in fee (com)


Water usage fee (res)


Water usage fee (com)



Variance Application Fees:

App for a Home Occupation


App for Comp Plan Amendment


App for Zoning Ord / Map Amendment


App for Special Exception


App for Variance




Late Filing Fee


Misc Permit Fees:



Building Re-inspections


Lateral Inspections




Comprehensive Plan Only


Comprehensive Plan Maps Only


Comprehensive Plan and Map Set


Dev & Const Standards Manual (CD)


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City of Batesville
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Batesville, IN  47006

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