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Name: Karen and Jim Rudisell
Date: 07/13/13
Message: We accidently found this lovely park yesterday. We have just retired, and are walking everyday now, and plan on enjoying your trails occasionally. They are beautiful, and the hard work done by the volunteers in greatly appreciated!

Name: Scholl
Date: 06/26/13
Message: Thanks for the time.

Name: Missy
Date: 06/24/13
Message: Thank you to all the police men and women, that are trying to help the public, your awesome Missy

Name: malena lovins
Date: 06/17/13
Message: where do u find the hours for city pool

Name: Margaret Bates
Date: 06/04/13
Message: Batesville must be a great place to live, with a name like that!

Name: Emily
Date: 05/20/13
Message: Came to your seemingly pleasant city to site see and do some small town shopping. Friends and I met at what looked like a small but busy cemetery to have a picnic. Was kicked out by a "cop" told that it wasn't a picnic place. People can let their dogs poop and pee all over the place but you can't quietly sit on a blanket and eat berries. When we left There was 2 or 3 cop cars. I kindly smiled and waved. They just angry looked at me. I have had picnics in cemetery all my life. Never has anything like this happened.I will never come back here. I will spend my time and money some place that doesn't judge a book by its cover.

Name: John Paul Abbott
Date: 05/14/13
Message: I was born and raised in Bates ville Indiana. I was born in 1935. I live now in San Diego. I just wanted to know if any body remembers me. My email is indiana3527@yahoo.com Thank You

Name: jetsettr
Date: 01/03/13
Message: my sister and husband has been livn here ovr 37years and hav no intentions evr to move! i have visited this charming town numerous times and it has the charm of the petticoat junction and green acres folks! i will b retireing soon from the airline industry and want to move here with these good folks! look out D,an Terri!!!!

Name: Amy Buckley
Date: 12/18/12
Message: just signing the guest book, I would appreciate knowing of any new developments.

Name: D
Date: 11/25/12
Message: i am looking to relocate to Indiana and am thinking about this town

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