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Name: Lisa A Benjamin (Woolf)
Date: 06/19/08
Message: i was born here in 1966. i left in 1986 to go to the military. i come home every year and have made noted changes in the city that i am very proud of. I learned alot growing up here and have used that knowledge all through my life. Thank You Batesville!!!!

Name: Wanda Underhill
Date: 06/08/08
Message: I was just checking out your site, since my 13 yr old son is spending a month in Batesville with his Dad. Looks like a great town. I've heard nothing but good things about the area and what Bateville has to offer.

Name: Mick Manor
Date: 06/05/08
Message: Coming to Batesville on July 11. Looking for things to do. Does casket factory have tours? Staying at Sherman House.

Name: jenna fox
Date: 05/24/08
Message: i ove this town and hope one day i can move back home

Name: Sherry Watts
Date: 05/12/08
Message:  Possible relocation

Name: Minnie
Date: 05/10/08
Message: I plan to visit your place next week and wants to know about Batesville.

Name: Phlem Pickens
Date: 05/03/08
Message: Looking to move to Batesville soon

Name: Kelly Hurley
Date: 05/01/08
Message: Planning on visting May 5 thru 8 08

Name: Peggy and Tammy Swegman
Date: 04/26/08
Message: We have lived in Texas, Dallas and Houston, for 20 plus years now. Both of us leaving Batesville, our home town before we were 21. There is no place like Batesville and we miss it still. We still talk about 16 ounce sodas, and pickled bologna from Harmeyers, waiting for our folks to get off work at Romwebers. If you grew up and stayed in Batesville....all your days, there is nothing a big city has, that can take the place of knowing the people who are your neighbors. Go Bulldogs!

Name: Jerry DeRhodes
Date: 04/21/08
Message: There are no area codes infront of the phone numbers.

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