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Name: John Szczepaniak
Date: 10/10/06
Message: I will be visiting your city late this month. I hope to enjoy the local culture as much as I can.

Name: jeremy ferrara
Date: 09/13/06
Message: I love batesville so much, it's at the heart...of my heart, just hearing the name...brings tears to my eyes

Name: John Dossey
Date: 09/11/06
Message: I spent more than 20 years in Batesville, my kids were raised there, then I moved all over the WORLD and landed in Cincinnati. Its nice to know that there are still small Towns like Batesville. Sure would like to see more photos on the website. But its a great place, we have wonderful memories from there.

Name: Jodi Johnson Daniels
Date: 08/29/06
Message: Hi! My dad was born and raised in Batesville. He was the son of Otto Johnson and Geneva Dieckmann Johnson and the grandson of William Dieckmann. I remember coming to Batesville to visit my great-grandpa and my great-grandma. They lived on Park Street. I don't remember much about my great grandma Alice but I do about my great grandpa. He was my buddy. I am now 48 years old and I still remember sitting on my grandpa's lap watching his little black and white tv. If anyone remembers him or my family, please let me know. My dad moved away from there in 1958 to go to Indianapolis to work for the post office. He retired in 1985 when my mother died. In 1988 he took ill and was moved into a nursing home there in Batesville where he was given dialysis. He went to his 40 year reunion in 1989 and passed away 1 month later. I always thought I would end up living in Batesville due to the wonderful memories I had growing up. My dad's name use to be on the monument honoring WWII vets that was located at the pool. Is it still there? His name was Billy Leland Johnson. Anyways, thank you for letting me ramble on. If you have any information on my family, my email address is: gjsunshine@msn.com.

Name: Brenda
Date: 08/26/06
Message: You do have a lovely town and community. I have visited a couple of times recently trying to find host homes for foreign exchange students.

Name: Leonard Stewart
Date: 08/14/06
Message: I'm from Morgantown, WV. as a distant neighbor, I wanted to say hi. hope to visit you some day.

Name: Gardners3
Date: 08/05/06
Message: I live in England but have an email friend from Batesville have just viewed the map. Nice to know whats happening to you.Friend belongs to CAG in case a relatrive reads!

Name: Ashley Schumann Council Bluffs ,Iowa
Date: 08/02/06
Message: I miss the area so much the web site is great to look back home and make sure everything looks great

Name: Mary Rose
Date: 07/07/06
Message: The Web Site is laid out very well. I could not locate any medical information-Hospitals, Medical Supply companies.

Name: Carrie Wesseler
Date: 07/05/06
Message: Would it be possible to create a link to the Batesville Freecycle Website? The site allows Batesville residents to give away items they no longer need to people who will need them. All items are FREE. The site address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BatesvilleINFreecycle

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