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Name: Walter Kurowski
Date: 01/30/11
Message: Are there any RCI time share resorts located in the Batesville area?

Name: Shawn
Date: 01/18/11
Message: You can't beat Batesville!

Name: Did you know...?
Date: 01/06/11
Message: Those "big packages" were made from donated materials, time donated from BHS Art Dept. and are now stored away safely without any additional cost to the citizens of Batesville? How sad...some people cannot appreciate collaboration and community spirit! We LOVE the excitement and support downtown!

Name: Jim Bates
Date: 01/04/11
Message: great,great grandson of Joshua Bates

Name: Joel Goulet
Date: 12/16/10
Message: Thank you for being firefighters and keeping people safe. I applaud your service to your community. Thank you for all that you do. I'd like to let you know about some special Firefighters tribute pages on my website. I set them up to honor firefighters everywhere. If you get a chance, please check them out. Stay safe and have a great day. www.joelgoulet.com

Name: What a waste
Date: 11/23/10
Message: What a waste of money..the giant holiday boxes around town ..the money spent on them could have been used for a worthy cause..safe passage or the food pantry could have used that money..where you going to store them after the holidays? Rent a space?

Name: Crystal Dewar
Date: 10/25/10
Message: Nice website. Informative, but not abrupt and showy. Sounds inviting

Name: King Me Baby
Date: 10/23/10
Message: OMG!! I'm like so depressed right now! i asked out this girl named kylee and she said no! I think im like in love with her! i could marry her! SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE PS..Batesville Rocks!

Name: Walter Thomas Kreuzman
Date: 10/04/10
Message: I never have forgotten the place where my family for generations lived and the people there. The summers and holidays when I stayed with my Grandmother and Grandfather on Hoene Ave. and the weekend visits to the White farm outside of town.

Name: bob
Date: 08/16/10
Message: book visions of beast 7 heads 10 horns nwo reign of antichrist ready most biblical revelations are in book, I saw in visions, you will know, book visions of beast 7 heads 10 horns nwo... reign of antichrist ready, clik on link, then book link, donate your used book to your local library, if they will place on shelf http://www.authorhouse.com/bookstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=73065

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