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Name: King Me Baby
Date: 10/23/10
Message: OMG!! I'm like so depressed right now! i asked out this girl named kylee and she said no! I think im like in love with her! i could marry her! SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE PS..Batesville Rocks!

Name: Walter Thomas Kreuzman
Date: 10/04/10
Message: I never have forgotten the place where my family for generations lived and the people there. The summers and holidays when I stayed with my Grandmother and Grandfather on Hoene Ave. and the weekend visits to the White farm outside of town.

Name: bob
Date: 08/16/10
Message: book visions of beast 7 heads 10 horns nwo reign of antichrist ready most biblical revelations are in book, I saw in visions, you will know, book visions of beast 7 heads 10 horns nwo... reign of antichrist ready, clik on link, then book link, donate your used book to your local library, if they will place on shelf http://www.authorhouse.com/bookstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=73065

Name: Lt. Randy Frye
Date: 08/05/10
Message: Good luck guys and be safe.

Name: Ruff Rider
Date: 07/04/10
Message: Wow...the roads are all tore up and rough...every where in town....

Name: Bruce Boehnlein
Date: 06/22/10
Message: Nice, Are they taking any applications?

Name: Tammy Mcallister
Date: 06/21/10
Message: Hi nice to meet you!!!!

Name: Yvonne Sexton Tackett
Date: 06/17/10
Message: Batesville has a special place in my heart. We lived there when I was just a child but I still remember how much I loved living on he farm, walking down the long country lane to get to the school bus and all the friends I made.

Name: Pat Clark
Date: 01/26/10
Message: I have been to Batesville many times. I have a brother Frank and his wife Marti Clark there with their two beautiful daughters Mollie and Aimee and the grand kids. The rest of my family was Max and Betty Bauer and their kids.OOPS I guess I am a Batesville person...Pat Clark, Vincennes, IN

Name: Bud Wieser
Date: 01/18/10
Message: Nice little Town. But not much to do at all.

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